Ashley Croft

Box is in the southwestern corner of the North Wiltshire District, between Bath and Chippenham. Ashley Croft was built in 1952 and the house sits within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Green Belt.

The proposal was to maintain the footprint of the existing dwelling, (with some interesting angles) but to add additional space on the first floor level above an original garage - as proposed within early architectural drawings from 1960, and at the same time to make the internal layout of the house more flexible for the family.

The footprint of the property was an ideal size at ground floor level, but the rooms were not fully utilised in their existing arrangement. The proposal maximised the efficiency of the given space by designing the layout to suit the family's existing and future needs.

The new master bedroom provides a much-needed space, which has worked with the floor below to create some interesting internal angles and a double height space over the dining area.

residential, extension, domestic