Bathwick House

With particular reference to nearby Kilowatt House, Bath’s only Art Deco residence, the Clients asked David Brain Partnership to design a family home in tune with this distinctive 20th Century architectural style, whilst incorporating elements of sustainability to ensure its place in the twenty-first century.

The resulting house is a contemporary-style timber framed German built home (Baufritz), partially clad in Bath stone in order to ensure that the building is sympathetic to the surrounding Bath architecture.

The house, which is built entirely from bio-constructive, efficient and natural materials, employs various techniques to reduce its environmental impact and enhance the quality of day-to–day living. There are solar panels on the flat roof to heat the water stored in a tank in the basement. A rainwater harvesting system in the basement supplies water to the toilets, washing machine and garden taps.

The house is carbon positive, locking away more CO2 than is emitted during its construction and manufacture, including transportation emissions and those from the running of the house for the first 5-10 years.
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