Combe Royal

In the past, classical terrace houses offered an outward show of modestly designed dwellings, tended to dank basements, would have inordinately high reception rooms and cramped attics; and are then linked by stairs that occupy a full third of the available spatial area.

Mindful of this, David Brain Partnership determined, whilst avoiding earlier errors and inconvenience, to build just such a terrace as Bath might have raised in 1820 in the tradition of Goodridge and Sir John Soane. The aim was for true classical revival - pilastered, proportioned, balconied and arched, the whole composition to be executed in the finest Bath stone ashlar with elegantly substantial ironwork.

There are three 4/5 bedroom houses; the fall of land has solved all the usual problems of three storey houses. Main entry is at first floor level. There’s a spacious living room and an en-suite bedroom open out into a wide balcony commanding the prestigious view. On the floor above are two further bedrooms, bathrooms and a study, while on the floor below a utility, study, dining room and kitchen opening onto a side terrace and garden. These are family houses in the best sense - places where individual members can escape each other and come together with equal ease.