Green Park

David Brain Partnership was commissioned by Topland Group PLC to review a large hotel and office development near Bath's Green Park area after an initial planning submission was refused. Working with planning consultants Scott Brownrigg, David Brain Partnership provided a revised submission.

Previous proposals for a contemporary architectural statement on this site proved problematic and in addressing concerns expressed by Bath & North East Somerset in its determination of the associated planning application the applicants opted for the promotion of a design solution more obviously grounded in the Bath vernacular and expanded its design team with the recruitment of locally based expertise accordingly”. 

This exercise had to take account of the contemporary function of the proposed building, and other design considerations such as the desire to create active ground floor frontages. The overall scale had previously been agreed in principle, but changes in composition, roof treatment and materials schedule now proposed will help in the integration of the scheme into the wide Bath townscape. The outcome is a significant improvement on previous proposals and one, which now possesses conviction and confidence.

commercial, residential, leisure