Red Cedar House

This is a 4 bedroom family home situated in the historic town of Marshfield, which is just north of Bath and within South Gloucester.

The site was associated with a listed building on Marshfield’s High street and is a part of the Marshfield conservation area. It had seen several planning proposals over the years. David Brain Partnership was tasked to navigate this challenging planning environment and secure a planning permission for a family home on the north side of the plot. This was achieved by implementing a considered approach, which took the surrounding area as the main source of inspiration, and sympathetic materials such as the Cotswold stone, natural slate and timber cladding. The design followed a well recognised local pattern of a main building surrounded by extensions that were added through the years.

The result is a house, which echos the ambience of older buildings in this area, while still providing a modern home. It has an open plan to ground floor living and kitchen area, with several views into the garden and surrounding rooms that give this house its distinct character.

domestic, residential, new build, conservation